Volunteering sucks

What’s wrong with volunteering?Volunteering sucks

What’s wrong with volunteering?
A lot, I’d say, a lot.
It’s not human engineering
It’s a nastier lot.
What’s wrong with volunteering?
What’s wrong with volunteers?
Oh boy, it is all about profiteering
It’s all about profiteers.
But wait and say
What’s really wrong with volunteering?
Are volunteers not noble folk?
Alas, this story is not cheering:
They’re just people under a yoke.
They’re fodder of foundations.
Which undermine our nation.
And foreign states as well
They work for free without end
They toil, sweat, labor, and they bend
And come to us like sheep in economic waves
The word for volunteers I can think of:
Volunteers are just modern slaves.


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Volunteering sucks

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