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White April

April is approaching but it's cold and winter is still around,  painting by Hendrick Avercamp as an illustration

April is approaching.

Snow is still around.

The old man winter raped the baby month of March

And slept with her tiny corpse in his deep-frozen hole

He must have thought that sleeping with the spring’s unborn firstborn

Will extend his own life by a matter of a few weeks, at least

If that was the winter’s goal, the old and cunning beast

Had won big time.

To say the least. Because the winter’s still with us

Oblivious to the calendar and our expectations

His snow is all around

So fresh and white, and pure as if it were without reproach

As if it were oblivious to April’s much overdue approach

Please, April, come and purge this place of snow.

Please melt the snow. And let’s move on.

I feel so tired of this winter.

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White april is White april though it’s still late march. That’s it. White April. So unbelievable. So much snow around.

  1. Hendrick Avercamp, 1585-1634[]